Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The History Files #50: Pirates!

One must look the part, of course.

We thought we'd do something special with the 50th installment of The History Files, so why not take a look at the history of piracy? The detailed show notes are over at CSICON, but here are a few supplemental items that may be of interest.

First off, this is a topic near and dear to our hearts here at the History Files. We've been known to dabble in historical nautical pursuits from time to time...

Sir James Brook, Rajah of Sarawak

[Note from Neb: When I was hunting down links for Gordon's notes, I found this image of James Brooke. I'm used to running into Gordon's historical doppelgangers, but this was a new one for me. For all I know Gordon could be some kind of time traveler. The evidence continues to mount.]
Gordon at Sutter's Fort, mid 1990s
Ferrotype of Gordon as a Sailor, by Wm. Dunniway


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